Last weeks

The last two weeks have been full up. So much to do, and most ot the time I am having alot of fun. A question taht floats around in the midst of all this is what am I trying to achieve? What is my objective in all this? Where do others see us going as a parish and what is my role in all that. I need to do a lot more work on this. A key part of that is developing a sense of who I am in this place and time. Thoughts?
Youth Intern
It has been great having Saachi Kepa around. WE have got out to do some visiting, which is great for everyone. She helps with the children's stuff, and on Sunday played guitar as we sang the Lords Prayer in te Reo at both services, and wrote a song to teach a small group at our main (and very interactive) service. She is great to have around. Shy, but fun. She is on the roster at our Op Shop - Centrepoint, spending one day a week at Whanau Aroha childcare, helping me with preschool music and the mid-week Eucharist, and picking up the children’s programme on Sunday mornings. She is spending part of Tuesday afternoons with Bonnie working on her EIDTS study and joining our pub quiz team. This means I am leaving early on Tuesday as well.
Still enjoying preaching. And I get good comments. sometimes I go on a bit. But I still live in hope that will change. No sign of that yet.
On Sunday we had an interactional 5th Sunday Service this Sunday. I used a Franciscan litrugy, and then we did a meditation on the gospel from two weeks ago, and divided into four groups to explore our reponse, singing Saachi's song, working on madallas, writing poetry and working on prayer flags. I seemed to go really well. Then I led a liturigcal assistant trainign session, which I think went really well.
I have met with one of our teams to plan for the Pet Service in October, and have met a SPCA committee member to do some more work onthe service. This should be a lot of fun
Saachi anbd I took a service at Althorp, and last week I had a funeral and burial, and I was asked to do a Committal of Ashes last week as well.
Just to make it all very busy I had a meeting to choose music for the next month. 

Pastoral care
We had a pastoral care meeting this month to ensure we are not missing out on anyone. WE are fortunate for the care AAW provide for their members. We trialled a men’s afternoon tea to coincide with the AAW coffee meeting. More work needs to be done on this.
I have done some parish visiting. I am appreciating the invitations, and am really enjoying the chance to meet people in their homes.
I have continued to meet with two couples preparing to get married, and am trying to track down a third couple getting married at a similar time. (One of the couples has since postposed their wedding due to the bride’s father’s death.) This is quite time consuming, both preparing for and taking the sessions, but I am mostly enjoying it all. I still want to develop a resource to give couples about weddings at Gate Pa using something the Mount use.
Preschool music is going well.
I attended Synod with Saachi.  My motion was passed. It was a good Synod, apart from it being so far away.
I attended the Centrepoint management committee meeting.
I have been invited to become a Chaplain in the Order of St John.
I also met with the Wardens last week, and as part of that we started work on other material to be available for a series of talks Cliff is planning to offer in January and near Waitangi Day.

So busy busy busy. This week I am off to Waikanae for the Franciscan Chapter and Convocation. So I had better get ready to go.


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