Easter is about resurrection

This season of Easter is about resurrection. Each week we are offered different stories that help us explore what Jesus’ resurrection meant and what it means for us now. Underlying all this is the understanding that Jesus resurrection was not just about us living forever in God, however we understand that. Resurrection is about God’s commitment to this physical world and all who live in it now and into eternity. Jesus resurrection affirms that creation is good. Jesus death and resurrection are the means by which creation, including us, are restored.
Today we hear the Good Shepherd tradition of Psalm 23 being applied to Jesus. The good shepherd leads us into abundant or eternal life. This is not about security, wealth, status, or even just about what happens after death. It is about the love of God made known in Jesus and overflowing in and through us to others. We are offered the story of Dorcas as an example of what it looks like when that love flows. Bill loader says of this story; “The good news is about bringing life where there is death, love where there is hate, healing where there is brokenness. The greater wonder today is when we can see people stand on their feet, communities make their way out of traps of poverty, enemies move towards reconciliation, despairing people finding meaning again.”[1]

[1] http://wwwstaff.murdoch.edu.au/~loader/CActsEaster4.htm


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