A lot on

Life has been very busy lately.
Easter was full on, as I have said. Before that I was at a series of meetings in Auckland and in Wellington. I have several events coming up, The Big E in Auckland on mission shaped youth ministry, General Synod, Anglican Youth Forum, and Manu Rui in Dunedin, plus designing an interactive labyrinth for Lambeth.

But, this weekend I am off to Rotorua for a 100km cycle race, and then a wedding in Havelock North. It will be nice to have a break with no expectations.

Having the cycle ride to train for has been great. I have had to do long rides, 80 or 90 km up some big hills, away from work, and all that needs to be done. It is great to have that. And it keeps me a bit fit. Not that the waist shows much benefit.

But tommorrow, back to organising Toru things, getting ready for General synod etc... Yeah!!! I love this job