First Funeral and other stuff.

This has been a big week. Too much going for. But I survived and hear I am Friday night blogging away.

Sunday after church I got a phone call on my way home from the church from a funeral director. A really nice lady who has been receiving home communion for quite awhile had died. I had my first funeral. I have welcomed others into St. Georges to take funerals, but this was my first one. Actually I think it is my first one in about 20 years. So I was pretty nervous going to visit them. The whole planning thing was a big learning curve. I think it all would have gone better if I had had time in my office with my computer hunting resources down to take with me, and getting my head around what needed to happen. But it was Sunday, and didn't have time for all that. Having said that, I think it all went pretty well. It was a privilege taking the funeral. I liked this woman. I liked her daughters. I was an honour being involved and i hope I did them all justice. it was a really nice funeral. they had good ideas, and it all worked.

this week has also been busy with the Management Committee for the Childcare we are in partnership in. They are employing a new staff person, and I was invited to be part of the interviews of those short listed. it was a lot of work, especially with an actual management committee meeting thrown into the middle of all that. Tuesday was nearly all childcare. I was glad to get to the gym and sit on a bike and read the readings for Sunday. 

I was interested at how few of the candidates had bothered to go to the Waiapu Anglican Care website to find out about what that was all about. I could have guaranteed that there was going to be a questions about it, and only one person was prepared. I am not even sure they had worked out what kind of questions would be asked. It made me realise how important interview technique is.

Thursday was all about  trying to get ready for Sunday, writing sermons, planning services etc... It was a really hard day.

Today was pre-school music, and a wardens meeting. And finishing getting ready for Sunday. It has been a busy week.