Living in God

Gate Pa – Pentecost 7 2013

Hebrew Scripture:          2 Kings 5:1-14              
Psalm:                                  Psalm 30
Epistle:                 Gal 6:7-16                   
Gospel:                                Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

What I want to say:
explore what the gospel says about our money

What I want to happen:
people to hold lightly to money and grow in faith 

The Sermon

1.       Introduction:

ambulance story
rude Elisha and Naaman – God does the unexpected
                not confined by our attitudes and rules
                                even when think come from God

2.       Paul

same God meet in Paul’s writings (and gospel story with Jesus
                God does unexpected
                calls those seek follow to live the unexpected
                so today baptise Nada
                place her among people God
                follow God acts in unexpected ways)
same God meet in Pauls writings
struggling with those demand new converts circumcised
because that is what God expects
                                partly obedience law
                                partly help them avoid persecution from Jews

 3.       Sending out 70

certainly God meet Jesus life
Jesus breaks all kinds of rules
                especially rules divided his society
                socially, economically, politically, religiously        
                rules defined who neighbour and who wasn’t
                rules named some worthy attention and care
                rendered others as invisible and unworthy
everything he did understand along these lines:
                those ate with made visible and restored God’s community
                those healed sickness and possession brought in from outside
                those forgave restored as well
with each these acts God’s circle compassion widened
therefore rules excluded them confronted and rejected
those followed Jesus were to care as well
                treat them as people worthy treated as neighbour
                those us as people follow Jesus invited see all
                                treat all
                                worthy treated as neighbour
lot harder do than say.
Things that separate us whether like it or not
one of those things is money

 4.       Money

something founder other great mendicant order – Dominicans  Francis understood
in Dominic case – set out remove
As Franciscan this one readings need take note of
one readings Francis based own understanding responding to and living out gospel on
took these passages literarily
fortunately – Luke lot less clear
                not everyone told give all away poor
                great relief to all us sitting here today
story of missionaries
                compared life in US – poor conditions
                compared people lived around – rich
own experience in Solomons
These are issues that Francis and Dominic confronted
until 1200’s – no friars
just monks
live in monasteries
how monasteries worked
                individual vow poverty
                Order accepted land dowries and gifts
-          very wealthy and powerful
-                  why Henry 8th got rid of them
Dominic realised that this lead common people see clergy and religious as wealthy
                also meant they no understanding what like to be poor
                not standing amongst peasant
                                more inclined to listen to poor people – seen as heretics
so established Order of Preachers – university trained
                vows of poverty
                lived out amongst peasants
Francis just read gospel and obeyed
one level no planning involved
another level understood that his wealth – son very wealthy cloth merchant
                obstacle life of faith
                obstacle living out that life amongst people time
by removing money, removed barrier
as Franciscan seek to walk in his footsteps.
This is one passage shaped Francis attitude money
so passage Franciscans have to take seriously.
Jesus sent out disciples with no money, no means beg,
                no sandals, no cloak – comfort body
could no longer rely on their own resources
absolutely dependant on hospitality of others
absolutely dependant on God
social rules his time helped all this
wealthy homes, courtyards and hospitality
while wealthy ability offer that hospitality
all depend on how saw disciples
                see them as neighbours
                worthy being given hospitality?
good chance not offered hospitality
real possibility people should not be seen with offer
who do we offer hospitatlity to?
who offers hospitality to us?

5. my struggle as a Franciscan

have not given all money away poor
not taken vow poverty
instead my vows are for living simply, in love joy and humility.
-          avoid luxury and waste
-          stop worrying about money – reasonably easy for me cause I earn enough
-          seeing what I have as God’s and not mine
-          be generous as God is generous
-          try to live depending on God and not on my own resources and gifts and strengths
-          live in faith
-          struggle with each one of these
readings like this are hard
remind me of my calling
remind me I have long way to go to really live that out. 
talk to neighbour moment