The Comfortor Advocates for Us

Last week’s  gospel reading invited us to live the way of Jesus – the way of compassion, generosity, justice and love knowing the truth of God’s commitment or covenant to restore humanity and renew all creation. In this we are to find the life of God. 
This week we continue to read from John:14. We hear Jesus continue to encourage his shell shocked and grieving disciples as their dreams come to an end. But it is not the end. Jesus sends another advocate, The Spirit, to walk alongside and within each of them that Jesus’ way might continue and God’s promise be fulfilled.
We are those disciples today – invited to know God when we live the way. We too are invited to be advocates for others – walking alongside them in the same way Jesus showed as he began this talk – by washing feet as one who serves.
This week we are invited to wonder who we walk alongside and discover God’s life already present? Who walks alongside us allowing us to live the way?