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Some reflections on General Synod – Te Hīnota Whānui (GSTHW) 2018

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. My sermon will be a reflection on the work of the Holy Spirit at General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui last week. I wont read this out. But it will say something similar.
General Synod – Te Hīnota Whānui is the decision making body of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. In many ways it functions like any other Synod within the Anglican Church around the world. It has three houses – Bishops, Clergy and Laity. But unlike some all the houses meet together, discuss the issues together, and make the decisions together. Most votes are on voice vote alone. Rarely is there a vote in houses. Although for contentious issues some of the discussion has been in these houses. One we layer not present in any other Anglican Province is that we also work in three Tikanga – or cultural stream. On a day to day basis we function with these semi-autonomous organisational entities. It means the Tikanga Maori can organise their life and make their decisions wi…

Thoughts on our Pentecost

The roots of our Pentecost are deep within Judaism. First as the harvest festival where the landed gave thanks for the first fruits and were reminded their land and harvest was God’s way of providing for the poor. And then it became the festival of God’s giving of the Law fifty days after the Hebrew people had been led from slavery to freedom. The law was the way of freedom so that creation might be renewed and humanity restored. That story continues with the event of the coming of the Spirit and the birth of the church, that diverse group of people which includes us. This story starts with a group of terrified men and women who were dramatically swept up by the Spirit of God and were given the vision, strength, courage and wisdom to continue Jesus’ ministry of living God’s generous and compassionate love for all. This group who hid behind locked doors took the gospel through Persia to India, North Africa and down to Ethiopia, north to Armenia and beyond, and west to Rome. It was tough…

Some Random Thoughts on Korea

Here are some thoughts about our holiday in South Korea.

First up. It was so cool (in every way) to get there for the end of the cherry blossom festival. The blossoms were so beautiful. And as you walked under the trees there was a gentle "snowing" of petals on you and all around you. Stunning. What a way to start our two weeks.

My second thought is that they do transport really really well. Great train and bus service. Relatively cheap, so it is well used. On time. Comfortable. Like reclining leather seats for our bus up from Gwangju to Incheon. For a few days we used public transport a lot. All up we used about $20 worth on the around the city trips. It all makes New Zealand look unreliable and expensive, which it is.

The roads were what got me. In Gwangju some of the main roads around and through the city were 8 lanes each way. 8 lanes for a city the size of Auckland. So cars move around. There is the peak hour gridlock, but the rest of the time is free flowing. Imagine Auc…

Mothers Day, Families and Jesus

Can be listened to here Gate Pa – Year B  6th Sunday of Easter,
Psalm                          Psalm 98                                                                 
First Reading:             Acts 10:44-48                    
Second Reading:        1 John 5:1-6                       
Gospel:                        John 15:9-17        

What I want to say:
explore different kinds of family, and what Jesus teaches us through these about our priorities and about God’s love

What I want to happen:

The Sermon
Today is Mother’s Day
day celebrate mothers
most – fairly easy thing to do
today is good day for many of us
others – today is hard day for all sorts of reasons
day of grief
acknowledging that
happy mother’s day to mothers.
On this mother’s day wonder we can take moment to reflect on families and mothers
so I have three questions