Lenten Reflections

Last week I was at an Anglican Ministry Educators meeting in Wellington. Our guest speaker was Steve Taylor speaking about Emerging church stuff. There is a blog interview about this about to appear.

As part of that Steve talked about some Lenten material he has put together around good practices. I really liked this. It reminded of the Irish Penitentials, which were about developing the virtues rather than penance for the sin.

I have tried to approach Lent in that spirit this year Instead of just giving up computer games, I have thought about what virtue I wanted to build by doing that – spending time with my children. Instead of just giving up swearing at bad drivers, I decided to build the virtue of praying for peace for those who annoy me (bad drivers) – I keep forgetting this one. It has made all those silly giving things up for Lent so much more meaningful


Paul Fromont said…
The blog interview is up and can be found here:

Anonymous said…
appreciate the feedback John and I have added it to my blog. trust that's OK. I found it so helpful and it clicked a number of things into place for me - about theology of grace and creation cf theology of judgement.

more detail on the Lenten stuff is here; http://www.emergentkiwi.org.nz/archives/7_practices_7_images_7_texts_lenten_7pack.php

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