The human cost of an earthquake

It is good to hear at last the human cost of the earthquake. The cost of having six months of aftershocks followed by another big one, and deadly one. for so long we heard how Christchurch was standing tall. The people were tough and resilient. They would rebuild.
And yet for many, it has been too much. The wife of a friend of mine has gone home, for good. He has had to quit his job and look for work else where. And who would blame them? Their rental had two walls missing and was red stickered. They sneaked in to get as many of their possessions as they could. But had no where to live. The and shaking ground just keeps on shaking. She could no longer live with that. So they are gone. 
They are not alone. Up to a third of Christchurch residents are gone for now. And who knows how many will return. A large percentage I am sure. But a significant number will be like my friend. And a significant number would like to be like my friend, but can't. The financial repercussions are too great. So they live with the stress.
Why am I saying this. Because I wondered how all these people were feeling hearing the ongoing stories about those who stayed. Their courage and commitment! The coverage needed more balance, to say that yes these people are staying, but for these people it is too much and they have left.And that is fine too. They last six months, and now with courage seek to rebuild their lives elsewhere.


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