Mary and Elizabeth

It is very very easy to romanticise the story of Mary’s bold journey to Elizabeth. The internet is full of sweet pictures of two well pregnant women, both overjoyed at their situation. In doing so we are in danger of loosing the humanity of these two women. What really drove Mary to journey from home?

David Ewart writes, “before moving too quickly to the magnificence of Mary's Magnificat, it is perhaps wise to pause and sit within the intimacy of these two women's conversation. To consider ourselves not as distant outsiders, but as invited and welcomed extended family into a blessed conversation between these two women.”[1]

If we move too fast we are in danger of missing the invitation to join them in this private moment. A moment spent in anxious, expectant, fearfilled, excited waiting. What did they share, and what do they share with us in this moment?
This last week of advent you are invited to spend some time with this picture: 
  • What anxieties do you bring into this moment? 
  • What joy is leaping within? 
  • What stirrings of new life? 
  • What impossible longings are become possible?



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