Patterns of Love

This week I am flicking between the readings for the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (Candlemas) and Epiphany 4. All good stuff.
Last week I used John’s gospel to say that the Word of God is not the Bible, but Christ the Word. I want to explore that just a little using some thoughts from Brian McLaren’s book “We Make the Road by Walking”.  In chapter three Brian translates The Word or Logos of God as the logic of God. And this logic by which all is created is the essence of God. To understand the nature of God, the logic of God one need only look at the life, teaching, actions, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth – the Word/Logos/Logic of God made flesh, like you and me.
Brian then goes on to describe some competing patterns or logic at play in our societies: the logic of rivalry – where one strives to defeat the other; Compliance – where one seeks to learn to rules and abide by them; and meaningless mechanism – where the universe and our lives are simply parts of a much bigger and yet fundamentally meaningless mechanism. I wonder how often I have been drawn to live my life by one of these patterns. I know too often I am drawn into rivalry. But I wonder how often I surrender to compliance or mechanism?
So what then is the logic of God found in Jesus? Paul in today’s reading from 1 Corinthians says it is love. Above all else love. John also says it is love. And Jesus in how he acted and taught lived out generosity and love. Love is the pattern of God’s actions. And we are invited to base our lives: our thoughts, actions, beliefs, everything, on this love. What would my life, your life, our lives look like if they were based on love alone?


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