Riding in Palm Sunday

And so it begins for another year. The walk into Holy Week towards Good Friday. It begins here with Jesus joining the Passover pilgrims riding a colt. No palms in this story. Just disciples going crazy for their man. How do we see these events we commemorate today?
What do we think Jesus thought he was up to with this attention grabbing ride? This festival was always rumbling with hopes that, just as they were rescued from the Egyptian empire all those years ago, so too they would be rescued from this enslaving empire. The story told by Jesus as they prepare this grand adventure reveals he is not so sure about the outcome. Who is this Jesus riding his colt. A rabble rouser? Defender of the poor? Some kind of deep mystic with penetrating eyes? What about the disciples? What are they cheering for? What do they hope for as they surge into that citadel ruled by corrupt high priests and Romans?
How we answer these questions will shape our attitude to the rest of this week. Where we see ourselves in this story with all our hopes and dreams will define our journey to Good Friday and beyond. In all this never lose sight that this is a story about being found by love. God’s love breaking into our lives and this world with all its pain, hurt, anger, hate. As you join in the events of today, be found by love.


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