When I was ordained 30 years ago the church still held an important place in our society. All that has changed. We have been pushed to the side-line and replaced. We feel rejected.

Rejection is a hard part of life. St. Francis called it perfect joy. But he was a little crazy. As Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 12:2-10) reminds us  Paul was constantly rejected. He did not meet people’s expectations of what a super apostle should look like and his message was too inclusive. In Marks gospel (Mark 6:1-13) we find Jesus’ family being shamed by his actions and rejecting his message and ministry. Those who seemed to know him best told him to get back to where he belonged – a lowly carpenter. Jesus warned his disciples to expect the same.

This week’s readings invite us to consider how are we rejected, and how we respond to that - with generosity and compassion; or outrage? And who do we reject because they do not meet our expectations? Is God speaking though them to us?


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