Letting go of the small mind and doctrines of the Trinity

In his book, “How to Be a Bad Christian… And a better human being”,  Dave Tomlinson describes repentance as gaining a bigger mind;  letting go of our small mind and going beyond the small way we see and live our lives into something bigger. Trinity Sunday is a time to repent of the limits we place on the God beyond all knowing to keep God vaguely manageable, and gain a bigger understanding by entering into the mystery that is God. It might also be a time to repent of the ways we use our small understanding of God to limit our response to all that we are invited into. Trinity Sunday is a time to go beyond the mind we have. It is a time to let go of our constructs and doctrines of God and enter deeply instead into mystery and the dance of love that is The Trinity. With the whisper of the Spirit we are reminded of Jesus living the character of God in all he said and did, that we might live that same justice, compassion, generosity, hospitality, love; and in joining the dance become the dwelling place of God.
St. Clare of Assisi say,

Indeed, it is now clear that the soul of a faithful person, the most worthy of all creatures because of the grace of God, is greater than heaven itself, since the heavens and the rest of creation cannot contain their Creator; only a faithful soul is His dwelling place and throne, and this only through the charity that the wicked lack. The Truth says: Whoever loves me will be loved by My Father, and I too shall love him, and We shall come to him and make Our dwelling place with him. St. Clare of Assisi, “The Third Letter To Agnes Of Prague,” 52

Trinity Sunday is a time gain a bigger mind.

  • How does your understanding of God, three in one shape who you are and your understanding of what your life is about?
  • How might joining the dance of love change any of that?


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