The place of our theological college in the development of leaders for our church.

These thoughts will be slightly shaped by the Tikanga Pakeha presentation which suggests our theological college offers a school, formation and bicultural site in three Tikanga context.
So here are my random thoughts for this morning.
I see the theological college as a place that offers training for key people who will help our church engage with our missional task, and discern god’s ongoing mission in our society. So this is two groups, those who will work within the structure primarily to help it focus more outward, and those who will be the point persons for our developing missional work beyond the traditional edges of church, who will be much less interested in keeping the church going, and more interested in living out God’s infinite love for all people in a way that brings them into that love, and allows them to develop worshipping communities that honour their cultural context as well as the gospel. (Ok, this is very wishy washy and pie in the sky, but hey, it is morning)
 Primarily for me that means the formation for young leaders:
  • Formed in the biblical story and text;
  • Formed in the Anglican tradition, including the three Tikanga nature of that tradition in this place
  • Formed as people of mission (as opposed to people of pastoral care)
  • Formed as people with a robust and disciplined rhythm of life  (which allows for people to be shaped by god’s love, and to be live according to the rhythms and cadences of God, and to live out of that base rather than our own dreams and strengths)
I see the theological college s being a place that offers good academic and practical courses on bible and biblical theology, theology, church history, and practical papers on mission and pastoral practice.

I would hope that people who leave the theological college have spent time in missional practice, reflecting on that and the place of their academic study in that missional practice. (Phil’s idea of a mentor would be good here) I would also hope that those leaving the theological college are able to provide leadership and resourcing for missional ministry among all ages, but specifically children young people and their families, and that if they can’t then this is seen as a failure of what is offered.