Key's policies shatter illusion

This is a really helpful article on both tax avoidance and child poverty. 

It leads me to want to rant. Here is the rant:

My biggest experience of tax avoidance was when my eldest daughter went to university. Sadly we earned too much. We couldn't hide our income so she got very little or no allowance and lots of loan. She now owes a lot of money for a degree that in the end is not going to help her lots get a job. She needs three more years of post graduate study for that, but there are no longer allowances for that. Way more loan.

She had several friends from relatively wealthy families who had hid their income. they were on full allowances, and their parents then sent them significant amounts of money because they could not see how people lived on so little. They all finished with small or no loans having had a way less stressful time while at university, financially. By hiding their incomes, their parents fail to pay their way, put added strain on those middle class people like me who do, and then rip off the system making it harder for the government to support those who genuinely need support. These same people decry beneficiaries and demand more is done to get people back to work. 

It is these people this government really represent. When John Key talks about mum and dad investors, it is these narcissistic people he is talking about. And yet too many of the rest of us fail to grasp that, and the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, and the poor continue to be villianised and ostracised. Who are the real villains in all this though?


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