Just Money

 Gate Pa – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Hebrew Scripture:      Jeremiah 8:19 – 9:1
Psalm:                         Psalm 79:1-9
Epistle:                        1 Timothy 2:1-10        
Gospel:                        Luke 16:1-13

What I want to say:
Explore gospel reading
link it to:
            living wage concept
            upcoming local body elections

What I want to happen:
People to think carefully about who to vote for and why

The Sermon

     1.      Introduction:

I wonder what thinking listened to this mornings reading?
problematic reading
            people struggling with this one for long time.
Jesus seems advocating for dishonesty and cunning – bending rules
struggle make anything of it.
struggle to fit this into what think Jesus should be on about
problem is that world Jesus lived in and our world are so very different
            think said that before, more than once
our world – money is important for its own sake
            having lots money is desirable -> buy more

      2.      The story

servant here – dishonest (KJV unjust) – seen as bad thing
                        when caught – not entirely sure what accused of
            several versions say “wasting his master’s property”
                        so not necessarily dishonest
engineers his masters debtors to be forgiven debt – costing master money
                        us – outrageous behaviour
                        struggle that Jesus seems to be stand up for him

      3.      Jesus world

world Jesus lived in
honour was important
used money gain more honour
having money mattered little if did not accrue you more honour
use your money wisely
            people become your clients and in your debt
            money owed less important
            than feeling goodwill and sense obligation to you
seems to be this is real issue here
servant acting unjustly
            master might have more money
            losing out on goodwill front
            losing out on the honour front
fires manager
            needs account first
then servant – manager gets cunning
visits all masters debtors and reduces their debt
he ensures people obliged to him
รจ what will the master think of this and do?
o   discuss
remember – point money is gain honour
manager’s actions gain master honour –>
            shown to be merciful and generous and just
            people hold him high esteem
            people obliged to him
as aside – loose him honour to confess lost control of manager and reinstate original debt.
big thing is – this is how the money should have been used in the first place
that makes no sense to us at all

      4.      Jesus goes on_

And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of dishonest wealth so that when it is gone, they may welcome you into the eternal homes.”
This is about heaven – leads into next week’s reading
couple things about Luke
            1. get sense that Luke thinks people get wealthy through unjust means
constant theme is wealthy justly returning wealth to poor
            2. God has a preference for the poor
put it another way
poor get first go into heaven
(doesn’t seem to be any need confess Jesus as Lord or Saviour – just get there cos poor)
rich, - do get to heaven (not assured)
            poor welcome you – or not
leads on to final two parts todays reading
            be trustworthy – use money for proper purpose – communal purpose
                        ensure all have enough
can’t be slave of two masters – either focussed on God or on money.

      5.      Living wage campaign

            Synod – last week we endorse the living wage concept
            due time pressure felt unable to deal with this properly
            set it aside for a year – dissapointing
            +Justin – said take cut stipend pay living wage lowest paid
            ACC – in principle yes – but has to come out current wage budget
            means top end need paid less
imagine if that happened
highest paid land – including politicians took pay cuts those lowest paid organisations receive living wage
-          seems to me in line with today’s reading
-          point money is how used build community
-          Brian McLaren – “Everything must Change” - economists suggesting pay chief executives and top management pegged to certain percentage above lowest paid in organisation
-                            only way receive pay increase – if lowest paid get increase first.

      6.      elections

            said pew sheet – time local body elections
            wonder how this reading will help us sift through candidates
            as you read their material - what look for based on this reading?
            how will help us vote?


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