A Voice from the Edge

Bill Loader[1] describes this Sundays gospel reading John 4:5-42) as a wonderful piece of drama with many levels of meaning. “As always in John its central character is God and God’s gift of life through the invitation to live in the holy space of love, the true worship in the Spirit, which is also the living space of the Father and the Son. That love, embodied, cuts across racial and cultural prejudice, affirms women, engages and loves sinners. In a man’s world a woman is the supreme example, exercising ministry, but doing so with the fragility and hesitancy and perhaps inadequacy which happens when ordinary human beings engage in ministry. That is also cutting across a prejudice of perfectionism with which we plague ourselves. The fruit of such faithfulness is the setting free of others from what binds them (including us). It is bringing to birth and caring with that as the goal. The stereotype, Nicodemus, the teacher, will not see this either.”
I wonder how this unnamed Samaritan women, pushed to the edge by everyone but Jesus speaks to us this Lent?

[1] http://wwwstaff.murdoch.edu.au/~loader/MtLent3.htm


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