Who are the outsiders we consider blind?

For the last two weeks we have seen John contrast the learned male insider who comes to Jesus at night in secret (Nicodemus) with the female Samaritan outsider who finds Jesus in the middle of the day. One understands Jesus offer of a new start, a new identity, a new family. The other can’t. One sees, the other is blind to what Jesus offers.
This Sunday we have another really long gospel reading (John 9) which contrasts more learned insiders (Pharisees) with an outsider from birth judged a sinner - a blind man. By the end, one can see what Jesus is offering; the others remain blind even to restoration of the man to family and community.
The blind man becomes the one who sees and so the teacher to the insiders who think they can see but are blind. We are the insiders. This Lent, who are the outsiders we consider blind, but are really God’s teachers inviting us to see?


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