Examen Anew

This week we are offered three sets of readings that start anew. Our Hebrew scripture builds on last week’s reading about Solomon, and begins a series where we hear some of the writings traditionally ascribed to Solomon: Song of Songs – which the rabbinic tradition says was written when he was a young man, Proverbs – from when he was a confidant king of some standing, and Ecclesiastes – when he was much older and less certain. We also begin 5 weeks in James. And we leave John 6 where we gnawed on the theme of Jesus the bread of heaven, and return to Mark where we will stay for the rest of this church year.
Mark 7 is important. It raises important questions around how we view law; how we read scripture; and the importance of character over everything we might do or say. It invites us to take time to examen our hearts to see what motivates us. It invites us to pay attention to the line that Bonnie spoke so well about last week and what leads us to those actions.


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