Annual Pet Blessing Services

While I was in America recently one or two people made mention of the annual pet blessing services,and their discomfort about them given Francis just gets associated with a nice man blessing animals, and the real Francis gets lost in translation. And that is so true.
And yet one of my highlights is the annual Pet Blessing service. Last Sunday we had about 120 people in church, accompanied by their pets. Most of those there were not regular parishioners, but people from the surrounding community. People who do not normally come to church. And I got to talk to them about St. Francis and a Franciscan world view. And they were captive for that whole 8 minutes. You can listen to what I said here.
And I got to bless all those pets. Even cooler.
The SPCA also spoke about their work and we gave the collection to that work. and after we were all done, in maybe 45 minutes, we had morning tea together. A great time of socializing and a lot of fun. So my take is, if you are a Franciscan, hold a pet blessing service and introduce people to Francis and Clare. It is one of the best opportunities we have.


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