Being Blind

My sermon on Sunday did not get written in any shape or form. Life was too busy, and I had to create it while preaching.It turned out ok. You can listen to it here.
In it I try to explore how our images of God blind us to God and to each other. 
Some questions then that mark the way
- How did Job end up with that happy ending, and is it that happy really? 
- Why did Job's friends not join him praying TO God, rather than trying to convince him ABOUT God? When do we do that?
- How does Bartimaeus act as an icon to the disciples blindness both to him and to what Jesus was teaching them about God?
Who are we blind to?

Because October 28th is also the Day of Remembrance, when we remember the New Zealand Land Wars, John wonders how the British image of God allowed them to act as they did around their empire, and how that is still at work today.


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