Here I am Lord, Send The Other Guy!

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Gate Pa – Year C  5th Sunday after Epiphany,

Psalm                          Psalm: 138
First Reading:             Isaiah 6:1-8                                        
Second Reading:        1 Cor 15:1-11                         
Gospel:                        Luke 5:1-11
What I want to say:
To explore how people respond to the call of God using the stories of Luke and Isaiah, suggesting that they are not as straightforward as we often read them as. What are some other biblical stories about call that might give us hope – Jeremiah, Amos, Jonah?
Then ask “What are we called to?” often answer working for Christ. In Luke Peter is called to let go of everything he knows about fishing and to fish anyway. He becomes the means by which Jesus catches fish. We are called to join in work of Spirit of Risen Jesus bringing in reign of God,

What I want to happen:
what are my stories of being called and how did I respond?

The Sermon

       1.     Introduction – Isaiah and me

40 years ago
-         Anglican centre
-         suggested ordination
-         like Isaiah few reasons why I thought not
-         stopped going to church
-         story seems very different from Isaiah
o   no “Here I am send me” moment
o   didn’t instantly and dramatically leave everything and follow
-         my call story seems lacking in comparison
-         but is it?

       2.     Isaiah

are other ways to read Isaiah
less enthusiastic
Isaiah seems to be alone when has vision of God in “the temple”
face of divine knows failings and sin of his community
and his own faults
knows every reason why he can’t be a prophet
commentators = potty mouth
coals not soap
then Lord asks who to send
usually read
but exclamation point not in Hebrew
only one here
can be read very hesitant
not a lot of fun
“How long Lord”
until nearly everyone is gone

       3.     Other Prophets

very few prophets very keen
Jeremiah – too young
Amos – farmer
Moses – hadn’t been to speech classes or toastmasters
Jonah – I don’t like you. You are too compassionate and merciful to enemies
all of them were more
-         “Here I am Lord, send the other guy”

      4.     Peter

even Peter
not as dramatic as this reading makes out
from this story
Peter cleaning nets after long fruitless night out
random guy shows up gets into boat
why does peter let him do that?
because peter knows him
already met
this is near Capernaum
another story with Jesus and Peter before this?
this has been brewing
we are just hearing about decision point
like my own story
when did say yes – brewing for a long time
wasn’t dramatic
I just knew
what about your stories
talk to neighbours
any of prophets similar to you?
what your stories of call?

    5.     What are we called to?
use story peter to explore difference
working for lord
joining in work of spirit of risen christ


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