Finding some of my faviourite music

About six years ago I spent a week in Ireland, both bits. One of the coolest things I did was go to the launch of an album put together for an alternative worship group called Ikon. This was a collection of music particularly by Jonny McEwan (Dubh) and Padraig O Tuama, I also met Jonny Baker from Grace. He helped set up Proost, an online presence for accessing some cool resources for groups looking at entering into the world of alternative worship, and well, offering inspiring resources that fuel faith.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the CD from Ikon, called Dubh. I even brought a boxful back to NZ with me to sell, which I had great fun doing, or giving away. And I had wondered if they had done any more.

Today I got the regular newsletter from Proost, and there were two new albums from Dubh, (Jonny McEwan) and links to albums by Padraig. It has made my day. I have now downloaded some of them and am enjoying the mellow tunes playing while I avoid phone calls and getting on with sermons, parish magazine articles, and all the other exciting things that I should be doing. I also discovered these great resources for "Grace" style worship events, both in terms of installations, and resources for traditional services like the nine lessons and carols. I am really looking forward to having a go at some of these, just for something a bit different.