TPPA - a dream opportunity or the stuff of nighmares?

I am feeling quite mushroomy at the moment about the TPPA. I like the idea of the trade deal that gives us greater access to our major trading partners. We have very open borders and it would be nice to live in a world of level playing feilds and such. So part of me wants to say good job.
But then I wonder why our parliament has not had access to this agreement while a significant number of corporation heads have. I wonder why most of the text is not about trade but about coporate access to our market.  And I wonder why we are treated like mushrooms by our government.
Some groups and people are trying to help me and you in all this. Teh New Zealand Herald has put out a number of articles. Graham Cameron has written a really helpful blog post, as he is want to do. Have a read.
And now I feel like a depressed mushroom. I am not sure that is a good thing.


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