How Mary helps us into the wonder and mystery of the incarnation

The fourth Sunday in Advent is traditionally focuses on Mary. This week we are invited to reflect on how Mary helps us into the wonder and mystery of the incarnation, and our place in that mystery. Which begs the question – who is Mary for us? There are a number of ways we can answer that: Mary mother of God; Mary the fourth member of the Trinity (that one didn’t fly so well); Mary the eternal and blessed virgin; Mary the Theotokos (God bearer); Mary the humble, meek and obedient servant of God; or just Mary who happened to be Jesus’ mother but otherwise is not so important.
Mary was a poor illiterate peasant girl who became the means of God’s good news. She gives us her song which declares God’s passion for all who are poor. How does Mary help open our eyes to the poor of today, including young girls and boys, women and men; who work to provide our Christmas cheer? How do we honour the Mary’s of today?


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