The beginning of THE Good News is found in the whole of Mark. We are part of that ongoing good news. Sometimes it is hard to hang on to that. We feel like the grass that withers, or those flowers that fade. The world is in chaos. Increasingly we are marginalised, our views are heard, and we Christians have been pushed to the edge. Jesus has gone from our parliamentary prayer. Shops are open on Easter Sunday. Where will it end?
And then there is John the Baptiser. His voice comes from the wilderness. He stands as Elijah. He invites us back to our true place. He reminds us that hope is not found in the way things used to be back in the day. Nor is peace. Peace is found when we let go as John let go. He reminds us that Peace is found in simplicity, humility, servanthood. Peace is found in the radical call of the Jesus. Peace is found in God’s faithfulness to the renewal of creation through the restoration of humanity as those made and living as the image of God the loving creator.


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