Dangerous Love

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Gate Pa – Year C 4th Sunday in Advent 2018


Psalm                          The Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary      

First Reading:                         Micah 5:2-5                                        

Second Reading:                    Hebrews 10:5-10                                

Gospel:                                    Luke 1:39-45                                      

What I want to say:

How doe Marys song help us understand and live out God’s love

What I want to happen:

Live God's dangerous love

The Sermon

       1.     Introduction:

here we are – 4th week of Advent

keep saying

-         Christmas is important but not the point

-         Advent we prepare for Christ of history, mystery and majesty

we have lit the candles for peace, hope joy and now love

so what is love?

what is it

where do you experience God’s love

       2.     Micah

this week help us explore this theme we don’t have 1 Corinthians 13 or anything easy like that

we have 3 prophets

speak in power spirit

invite us into God’s love

first Micah

famous in our circles

we read this like this only way understanding messiah


not dominant thread

but gospel writers used it to make sense of what happened

prophet preaching just as Assyrians have rolled into town

by rolled into town, I mean they have swept across and down through Samaria – destroying that kingdom and tribes for all time

stomped all over Judah, crushing 30soemthing strongholds

including Bethlehem

now surrounding Jerusalem

strangle all hope and life

force them surrender and or die.

in face of this very bleak situation

we have this outrageous prophecy

that from this place overrun with Assyrians

true king of line of David – both genealogically and in nature

will come

statement of God’s faithful love

despite the evidence

è all is lost

-         God remains faithful

-         Judah will be restored

makes no sense in face of what happening outside walls Jerusalem

king inside wall ambivalent about it too

love is found in faithful love

       3.     Mary and Elizabeth

Luke that offers us this beautiful story of Mary and Elizabeth

picture of these two women

story with no men at all

2 strong women

like Micah

in Spirit are able to prophecy

and theologise and make sense of all that is happening

-         ponder isn’t just thinking about

-         creating new insights from experiences and thoughts

Elizabeth superior

give way Mary

speaks astounding ways about Mary and her child

Mary in response

offers us extraordinary summary of prophetic tradition

dangerous song of praise and protest

like Micah

in spite evidence

in face evidence

statement God’s faithful love

       4.     God’s love is dangerous

if we take Mary’s song seriously

sing it from position of powerless

only see that God’s love is dangerous

not easy

not warm and fuzzy

promises absolute social upheaval and reversal

she is setting scene for her son

she will teach her son this song and all it promises

get him killed

       5.     How does this dangerous love come to be in world now

how does this dangerous love come to be in world now

+ look Christ in history

small moments

-         two women embracing

-         Jesus sitting down eat with despised

-         honouring those with no honour

è actions restore people and communities

+ through Christ mystery

-         invited join living our Mary’s song

-         despite evidence

-         living truth  that reign of God is coming

o   creation renewed

o   humanity restored

       6.     What might we say about love?

What might we say about love?

God is God of faithful love

unshakeable faithfulness

theme at heart of Paul’s writings

invited into it

we should note

comes with health warning

say Magnificat


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