Thoughts for Christmas

Merry Christmas. A big day for many. A hard day for many as well. A non-event for some. I wonder what Christmas is for you as we celebrate this day?
For me Christmas invites us to enter into the wonder and mystery of the incarnation – the coming of God among us in this very human baby – however we understand that. Franciscan priest Richard Rohr describes this as God's pre-emptive strike for love. Not a rescue mission. Not a response to anything humanity had done. But, as John Dunne Scotus says, the coming of God’s self in Christ in love as God's first self-giving thought. God is eternally faithful.
That reminds me that Christmas is important, but it is not the point. The point is what happens next – how we respond to this story. In the gospel reading from Luke there are a number of ways various groups or individuals respond; they give full throated praise; journey to see; tell; go home and return to life as it was and is; they ponder. In each case the events of Christmas made a difference. So I wonder what difference Christmas last year made for you and what difference this year might make?
May this Christmas be a time to rest in God’s peace and goodness so that in the New Year you may live God’s love, peace, hope and joy for all.