Joyful John?

Joy is a central theme for life in the way of Saint Francis. As we seek to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare we are invited to live in JOY.
Joy is also a central theme in Advent. This weeks we are reminded that Christmas is important, but it is not the point. We are reminded that JOY is found in the way lived by Jesus. And that is not hard as John the Baptist teaches u. May the asbestos fire burn out of us those things that bind us to our old ways of being and of living in this world. May we become people of deep joy.

Wild John the Baptist
Wild John
stood wild
eyed on the
banks of the
wild Jordan
words wildly
emanating out
greeted with
wild enthusiasm
by those
for hope.
“be humble
be compassionate
live for others”
Not so wild
after all.


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