Living a Resurrection Life

Gate Pa –  7th Sunday in Easter- Year C - 2019
Psalm                  Psalm 97
First Reading:     Acts 1:1-11
Second Reading:Rev 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-22 
Gospel:              John 17:20-26 

What I want to say:
to ask for what a resurrection life might look like, and finish with story of carol and butterfly effect from “How to be a Bad Christian: ... And a better human being” by Dave Tomlinson
What I want to happen:
People to consciously live resurrection lives

This sermon can be listened to here 

The Sermon 
1.      Introduction:
Alleluia, Christ is risen – He is risen indeed, alleluia.
for last 6 weeks we have been in season of Easter
week of weeks
great 50 days
sits at center of our church year
ends with Pentecost next Sunday
during this 7 weeks
gospel readings reminded us of stories of Easter
stories of resurrection
crucified messiah
raised from death to become the fully human messiah
-          in way that you and I are not
-          on Thursday remembered how this fully human Christ returned into the heart of the Godhead
-          which at some level blows my mind

      2.      Johns Gospel

over last few weeks had readings from John’s gospel
his last words to his disciples
then and now
set meal before Jesus is betrayed and crucified
chronologically challenging
none the less important
in these readings Jesus is reminding those listening
-          disciples at meal
-          John’s community gospel written out of and for
-          and us
what it will mean to be followers of Jesus once we have gone through the drama, horror and wonder of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

      3.      Today

fun facts about John
-          no Lord’s prayer
-          no agonizing prayer in Gethsemane
today we have heard last words of final words take 2.
heard last words of final words take 1 last week
final section of Jesus high priestly prayer
this section is as close to a “this is how to pray” in Johns gospel as we get
this pray replaces the agonised and solo prayer of other 3 gospels
-          praying it at end of meal with disciples presents Jesus at peace with what is about to happen
-          we are invited to sit with Jesus as he prays
     Ü  for himself
     Ü  for his disciples in all that they will go through
     Ü  for all who will believe because of disciples love
o   prays for you and me
All these last words – chapter 13 – 17
remind them and us story of crucifixion, resurrection, ascension is not end story
but beginning
Jesus is teaching them and us how to live in light of the story of Good Friday and Easter
Jesus shown us what it means to live
now invites us all to live resurrected lives
in here and now
what does that mean
to live resurrected lives
talked a lot about what I think it means
invite you talk neighbour about what you think it means

      4.      Conversation

      5.      Butterfly effect

currently reading a really great book
How to be a Bad Christian: ... And a better human being by English Priest
and Author – Dave Tomlinson
talks about butterfly effect
term coined in 1960’s by Edward Lorenz,
-          how tornado’s time of formation, path etc.. in America
-          influenced by flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier
why weather forecasting is so hard
reminds us of importance of small actions much larger scale
e.g Rosa Parks
- Desmond Tutu and Trevor Huddleston
what we do, even smallest things in living resurrection lives is important
finish with the example of Carol

       6.      Conclusion

today listened to Jesus pray for each of us here
Out of our conversations
-          what is it we need Jesus to pray for us today
-          - what does it mean for you that Jesus is praying that prayer?


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