Archbishop David to go to Rome

This is a stunning piece of news. Archbishop David has been in my humble opinion the glue that has held this church together. He certainly has worked very hard to keep the three archbishops working well together, and they have been one hopeful sign in our fractured relationships. He is a man of deep spirituality, and has a profound love of God and all God's people (that is all people). He will be greatly missed. 

But I am really glad to him. Being Archbishop in any church is hard, but has been super hard in this church. Despite our promotional blitz at ACC at how well we live together, we are barely holding it together. This last 6 years has taken a huge toll on this man, and I am glad his gifts can be used in a less stressful place, and as a gift to the whole communion.

May our blessed Lady pray for you David
May Saint Francis and Clare pray for you
May all the Saints of God pray for you
May the holy angels watch over you, and befriend to protect you.
May our Lord Jesus give you his blessing and his peace.


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