CofE gay marriage 'to be illegal'

A sad day for so many Anglicans in England and Wales, and for many around the world. I would be appalled if it were compulsory for churches to have to take gay weddings, a step too far. But to ban the C of E and C of Wales from taking them is equally a step too far, and once again LGBT Anglicans are told that this church does not want them, recognise them, even want them to exist. God's love is only for the straight community. 
As I read this and then reflect on Brian Mclarens thoughts on John the Baptist in "Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?" I can't help but wonder how we became such an exclusive group, and how we managed to take a message of God's all encompassing love and confine it to "people like us". This Advent we really do need Johns baptism of repentance.


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